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Questions and Answers

Commonly Asked Questions

How is Diversity Essentials workshops different or similar to Rainbow Resource Centre’s workshops?

Based out of Winnipeg, Diversity Essentials workshops compliment the important services offered by Rainbow Resource Centre. Diversity Essentials and Rainbow Resource Centre mutually support providing high quality workshops, and consultation services to service providers and provide referrals to each other should a request be out of scope or if either are unable to fulfill a workshop request.

Another distinct difference is that Diversity Essentials offers broad topics in human sexuality, diversity, and intersectionality with a wider audience demographic and geographic scope.

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Can training be delivered outside of Winnipeg?

Yes. Diversity Essentials delivers workshops throughout and beyond Manitoba. Appropriate travel subsidies and accommodation are negotiated. Please see “Fees and Policies” section of the website or click here.

The fees are beyond our budget. Are they negotiable?

Yes, fees are negotiable. Please keep in mind that Diversity Essentials is a social enterprise that receives no operating grants or funding. Fees are set according to industry standards that provide wages to trainers, individuals who are being mentored to be lead trainers, honorariums for lived-experience panelists, and for professional development.


For all other questions please contact Diversity Essentials by email: or by phone: 204-471-8771.