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Diversity Knowledge Essentials

Welcome to Diversity Essential’s Diversity Knowledge Essentials section. The following workshops are tailored to fit the needs and diversity of participants, and are delivered incorporating several adult learning styles. The delivery style of each session can include: didactic delivery, interactive activities, individual, small and large group processing, media, problem solving, case scenarios, and lived experience panelists.



Intersectionality Wheel1. Leveraging Diversity and Intersectionality

Intersectionality informs inequities and can help facilitate a path towards social justice. The practice of intersectionality has also extended to policy makers, human rights advocates, researchers, and community organizers to provide a framework on conceptualizing and tackling complex issues. But what exactly is intersectionality? And how is intersectionality both similar and diametrically opposed to diversity?

This workshop is an introduction to the language of intersectionality, how it is distinct from other approaches to equity, and how it can be applied to research, policy development, teaching, advocacy, and social marketing.

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Privilege2. Unpacking Systemic Oppression, Allyship, and Privilege 101

This workshop is intended for those interested in learning, unpacking, and processing matters regarding equity, oppression, and social justice, and  who wish to deepen their understanding of privilege. This session is designed for service providers, educators, clinicians, and people working in health and social policy. People from all stages of their career are welcome. This session can include the following components:

  • The what, why and hows of privilege, anti-oppression, and its relationship to one’s own work
  • Describing an anti-oppression framework in policy and practice
  • Describe intersectionality and why this approach matters in education, social services and healthcare
  • Describe the tenets of allyship
  • Apply the concepts of allyship to one’s own work
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