Sexuality, Gender, and Diversity Training Specialists
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“Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today.” — Jintao Hu

The strength of our society rests on a pluralistic conviction that each of us are valued, have lived experience expertise, and are afforded opportunities to thrive. In our rapidly evolving environment, meeting the needs of diverse students, clients, patients, and consumers require ongoing core knowledge and awareness.

Whether you are in the healthcare, education, social services or corporate sectors, recognizing diversity and intersectional identities can promote health and wellness, improve quality of services, increase productivity, and raise consumer satisfaction.

Diversity Essentials training specialists provides core competency training on:
• Transgender Awareness (workplace inclusion and service provision)
• LGBTQ2+ Awareness (workplace inclusion and service provision)
• How to Include Sexual Health in Education, Healthcare and Social Services
• Intersectionality in the Workplace and in Service Provision
• Exploring Social Equity, Oppression, and Privilege 101

Learn the essentials that include terminology, identity formation, operationalizing sustainable inclusive practices, understanding "allyship". Our training modules are created and are adapted to different skill sets, dynamic work environments, as well as diverse knowledge levels and exposures.

More people are feeling empowered within their identity, body, and sexual expressions. At the same time, more are acknowledging their curiosities, and exploring the meaning of living the authentic sexual self. Our training modules help better prepare service providers to navigate the terrain of human sexuality.

Diversity acknowledges that the differences among colleagues and uniqueness of our clients strengthen organizations and businesses. Diversity contributes to healthier environments and increased productivity. Learn the essentials of inclusive practices in social services, healthcare, education, and corporate sectors.